2011 Innovation in Issaquah Recipients & Nominees

Adrianne Pavlik

Congratulations to the 2011 Innovation In Issaquah Award Recipients!

 Applied Precision

A global leader in the life sciences and high-end microscopy imaging industries, Applied Precision’s microscopy devices are helping health care researchers peer into the world of sub-cellular systems so they can perform vital health care and health diagnostic research. Employing over 130 scientists, engineers and technicians in their Issaquah headquarters, Applied Precision serves or partners with global health research leaders such as MIT, Harvard, GE Health Care, Novartis and others. The firm’s “DeltaVision” and other solutions have been found in over 2,100 peer reviewd publications and are also found in over 500 microscopy installations worldwide.

Restorix Health

Restorix Health is a comprehensive health care delivery center specializing in providing advanced wound care therapies for a variety of chronic wounds. As the only comprehensive wound care center in the U.S. which is directly affiliated with a research facility, the firm partners with the Restorix Research Institute, providing pure clinical research on the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. With plans for full integration with electronic medical records in their operations, and treatment offered at a fully comprehensive center of excellence, Issaquah-based Restorix Health is working to provide industry leading solutions and treatment to a host of treatments needs…from lymphedema, diabetes, combat wounds and sports injuries.

Democracy Live

Where technology, democracy and voting meet, one will find a local elections systems powerhouse…Democracy Live. An Issaquah-based technology firm, Democracy Live is innovating to provide voting solutions to over 200 elections jurisdictions across America. A leader in bringing voting and elections system into the digital age, Democracy Live is helping to improve access, accountability and outreach for our most cherished of freedoms. Recently, the firm inked a major deal with the Department of Defense to provide voting solutions to front-line soldiers serving our national abroad…helping them access the very freedom they are fighting so hard for overseas.

Shirey Contracting-Zero Energy Idea House (Honorable Mention)

Since 1982, Shirey Contracting has provided innovative solutions for home remodeling and custom building projects. With a commitment to environmental responsibility, the firm designs each project using energy efficient systems and products whenever possible. The firm is an industry leader in Built Green construction and specializes in the use of Structural Insulated Panels, which eliminates the need for dimensional lumber and conventional framing and ensures high quality clean air flow and superior energy efficiency. Additionally, the company pioneered the development of the “Zero Energy Idea House” to use as a laboratory for ideas and discovery as to the possibilities of energy efficient home design. The Zhouse has been toured by over 3000 individuals and industry representatives. Zero-energy term means the home combines on-site power generation with efficiency measures so that it meets its own energy requirements. The home serves as an outstanding example of private sector innovation working to support a community and global goal of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Eastside Baby Corner (Non-Profit Category)

Founded in 1990, Eastside Baby Corner has developed an innovative collection and distribution system in support of basic needs of eastside children and families. The organization has become a donation and distribution warehouse for over 160 different agencies including local foodbanks, churches, headstarts, hopelinks, hospitals and the like. Through establishing consistent in-kind donation opportunities, strong volunteer support and low overhead due to warehouse space donated by Rowley Properties, the organization distributes approximately $4,000,000 in goods per year.

Also, a big round of applause to all 20+ nominees!


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