Chamber to City: Include Regional Center Designation in CIP

Matt Bott

Chamber to City: CIP Must Include Key ‘Regional Center’ Designation

Critical Designation Will Support Light Rail Competitiveness and Infrastructure Funding for Issaquah

The Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors, representing over 550 members and over 20,000 local and regional employees, has unanimously endorsed a critical designation within the Central Issaquah Plan that will make Issaquah more competitive for inbound infrastructure funding, economic vitality and potential rail access in Issaquah.

The designation, called the “Regional Growth Center” designation, is a distinction within regional governance structures that will immediately make Issaquah more competitive for crucial infrastructure funding, saving Issaquah citizens and businesses millions of dollars and providing key support for the local economy in the long term.

The designation also supports Sound Transit’s Plan to extend rail service to Issaquah.

“This important designation is the right thing to do for Issaquah as a part of the Central Issaquah Plan” said Matthew Bott, Chamber CEO. “Keeping our community competitive for inbound infrastructure dollars and eventual light rail connections is important for businesses and citizens in Issaquah. We should not put ourselves at a competitive disadvantage by adopting the Central Issaquah Plan without this key designation.”

The City’s Planning Policy Committee, a citizens group charged with reviewing the Central Issaquah Plan over much of 2011, elected to not recommend pursuit of the regional center designation.

The Chamber’s Board has also approved the vision and direction of the Central Issaquah Plan.

“The Central Issaquah Plan will provide the framework for a strong, successful and competitive local economy for Issaquah over the next 30 years and beyond” added Bott. “We urge the council to adopt the Plan, including the Regional Growth Center Designation, thereby providing the community with the framework for responsible re-development and a strong and sustainable local economy in the long term.

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Added on 11/12/2012

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