City Council: Let's Move Forward on CIP and Designation

Matt Bott

City Council:  Let’s Move Forward on Dec 17

On Monday, December 17th at 7:30pm the Issaquah City Council will vote on approving (or delaying) the Central Issaquah Plan (CIP), as well as the question of whether Issaquah should receive a key planning designation which will help make the community more competitive for new inbound transportation and infrastructure dollars. The City Council should approve these important initiatives.

The Plan and Designation will help support our local economy over the long term. It will provide a blueprint for redevelopment of the valley floor, open space preservation, and business/community connectivity. It will support workforce housing, business success and transportation/infrastructure planning and resources.

The Plan and Designation will help us in retaining our existing businesses and recruiting new businesses, helping create jobs for our citizens, resources for our schools and revenues for our vital city services. A strong and competitive local economy will help ensure Issaquah remains healthy, sustainable and vibrant well into the future.

Issaquah is a leader in the three elements of sustainability: Human, Economic, and Environmental. The CIP focuses on jobs and services for our citizens, a strong local economy and the responsible stewardship of our natural resources. After five years of planning and review, it’s now time to move forward.

Please join the Chamber’s Board of Directors, the Mayor of Issaquah and the Chamber’s CEO in supporting the Plan and the “Urban Center” Designation. It’s the right thing to do for our community and our future.

Contact The City Council today at and urge a “Yes” vote on both initiatives:

Vote to Approve the CIP
Vote to Approve the Designation as an “Urban Center”

Interested in supporting these important projects?
Contact Chamber CEO Matthew Bott at

Learn more about the Central Issaquah Plan Here!

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