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About Pro/Vision Coaching, Inc

Since 2007, Pro/Vision has enjoyed success in working with clients in over 50 different industries and professions. Our experience has taught us a few things about how the coaching process works to the best results for each client. Each client has the benefit of experiencing our unique coaching process that not only dramatically differentiates us from the competition, but results in accelerated business success while reestablishing life balance.

Holistic Approach | Because you cannot separate business from life...

After years of coaching small business owners, we have come to recognize that separating your business life from your personal life is extremely difficult - if not impossible. So our approach, which also dramatically separates us from the competition, is blending business and life coaching techniques into a customized holistic coaching model.

Head Coach | You will be assigned your own personal Licensed Professional Business Coach...

Each new client is assigned a Licensed Professional Business Coach [LPBC] to be your head coach, who will call on the talents and resources of the firm's Life Coaches and other skilled personnel, to enable the owner to not only have a successful business, but a balanced life outside of business.

Coaching Specialists | Unique coaching services for your whole sphere of influence...

Anyone who is in the owner's circle of influence - family, friends, partners, key employees - will have the benefit of all coaching services. The owner and head coach will together develop a coaching plan involving either a Life coach or staff specialist that can best assist this individual within this circle of influence. We realize it only starts with the owner.



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Doug Christy
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Gary Passavant
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