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Is Your Business Ready for Moblegeddon?

If you just read the title of this article and wondered what that was referring to, your business website might be in trouble. Last week Google enacted what it had been threatening to do for weeks – start penalizing websites that were not mobile-friendly.

What was Mobilegeddon?

April 21st marked that day for mobile. Google drew a line in the sand and told the world after that day businesses who didn’t share the love with mobile users would be penalized. It was supposed to be cataclysmic.

A week in and here’s what Moz saw. It appears Google’s threats were not quite as large as expected. But here’s the thing about Google. Google makes good on its promises. If it says it will penalize sites, it will. Google likes to do things on Google time, not ours, or even the one they communicated to us.

How to Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

First, check your site using Google’s tool. Enter your URL and it will let you know within a few seconds whether your site is in compliance.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

If your site was not labeled mobile-friendly, you have some work to do. Some of the solutions are easy to do on your own while others may be best done by a designer. Only you know your limitations. For sites that missed the original deadline, Google seems to be processing latecomers quickly, some in as little as 24 hours post change.

Select a Mobile-Friendly Theme

If you have a very basic website built on a WordPress theme, you could opt to switch it out to a mobile-friendly design. Do not do this if you have spent a lot of time building out your theme or having customized design work performed. Do this only if you have a simple layout and had been looking for a reason to change it up a bit.

Ditch the Links

Links are very difficult to click on a phone, especially if there are several close together. Opt for buttons instead. If you have to use links, space them out from one another. A list of links in a column is a mobile-user’s nightmare.

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