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Truck Routes Eliminated From Downtown Issaquah

A 6-1 vote on Monday, October 3rd, the Municipal Code 10.36 was changed to reroute truck traffic outside of Issaquah. Trucks passing through Issaquah, not making local stops in the city, will no longer be allowed to use East Sunset Way, Front Street, Newport Way and Northwest Maple Street.

The new route will be along SR-900 through Issaquah to May Valley Road. There has been contention on both sides of the argument with those living along Maple Valley Road voicing their displeasure at the Oct 3 council meeting.

"We can't vote [in city elections], but Issaquah is where we do business, it's where our children went to school, we consider this whole area very important and a great part of our life," Mary Jo Tornberg told the council.

With trucks making up approximately 22 to 27 percent of the traffic along Sunset Way and Front Street, the push to relieve traffic along the area has increased, although it's not entirely certain that the change will have a huge impact.

“Truck traffic will have to go elsewhere and unfortunately today we really still don't know what the impact will be,” Councilmember Paul Winterstein said. “I fear we could enact this and there be no measureable difference actually on these roadways.”

What do you think of the new ordinance?

Read the full article by the Issaquah Press HERE

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