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Member Spotlight: King County Library Systems

The mission of the King County Library System is to provide free, open, and equal access to ideas and information to all members of the community.


An Intellectual Adventure for Everyone The King County Library System builds valued relationships with our users so they can grow in knowledge and wisdom. We're here to spark curiosity and growth. KCLS guides patrons to an unparalleled collection of stories, books, computers, CDs, Internet resources, services, and programs. The choices will surprise you.

The Heart of the Community Our libraries are the knowledge commons for our communities. The buildings themselves reflect the community. The staff's passion to have libraries change lives is expressed in the arrangement and presentation of materials and services. It is at the library that relationships are formed among staff, patrons, and ideas. Creating this bond helps forge healthy, vibrant, informed, and economically viable communities.

We Make It Easy Convenience for patrons drives our service. We seek to understand what patrons need. Libraries are strategically located and designed with an eye toward patron self-sufficiency. Resources are organized and delivered to reduce barriers. Technology gives access beyond that which can be provided in person or in print. And always, library staff are here to help.

One System

The King County Library System operates as one where unity provides value. The system-wide approach to collections, technology, and general support of library operations frees the staff to concentrate on service, and results in buildings and collections that are maximized around the needs of patrons. This system-wide approach differentiates The King County Library System. It's why KCLS is the best public library in the United States.

Stop by your local library today!

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