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Chamber Adopts New Brand Identity & Mission

On March 16th the Greater Issaquah Board of Directors unanimously voted in a new brand identity, vision and mission. The Issaquah Chamber understands that our business organization must be part of an environment that is leading the way in economic prosperity. To be innovative and cutting edge in an ever-changing world.

"Our community continues to evolve, as do businesses in our region. It’s important that we redefine our role to be the catalyst our businesses expect. That we continue to be the leader and partner our community needs to thrive." said CEO, Kathy McCorry.

Kathy went on to say “The new vision is to continually improve the quality of life in our community by inspiring and facilitating business success. We will accomplish this by advocating for the issues that enable our businesses to remain strong, vibrant, and successful in today’s global economy."

This change is part of a new strategic plan that the board of directors has spent much of the last 10 months working on. Developing the plan included in-depth qualitative research, both externally with the business community and community at-large, and the exhaustive research released by the Western Association of Chamber Executives last year that identified a nationwide desire for Chambers to adopt a stronger leadership role for the business community.

Mission: The Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce is the catalyst for business growth, the convener of leaders and influencers, and the champion for the business community.

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