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The Northwest Gilman Boulevard Project is Underway!

The City of Issaquah has kicked off the Northwest Gilman Boulevard project. Together with the residents of Issaquah, users of Gilman Boulevard and business owners in the area, the City will develop a corridor framework this year. The corridor framework will document the community vision that summarizes and begins to strategize how the vision is implemented to give the City a comprehensive perspective to make strategic and incremental decisions.

Project Goals

  • Improve safety

  • Improve Non-motorized mobility

  • Guide future development and potential City Capital Improvement Projects

  • Maintain current economic vitality

  • Improve park integration

  • Create a signature street with character

Why is this project necessary?

  • Gilman is not currently a bike or pedestrian friendly environment with incomplete bike lanes and narrow sidewalks with inconstant landscape buffer

  • There is a high number of vehicle conflicts along corridor.

  • There is no standard cross-section applied to Gilman in the Central Issaquah plan. The lack of street standards for Gilman Blvd. causes uncertainty for property owners, City staff, and developers alike.

  • The existing right-of-way varies significantly and the City is not currently using the full extent of the Right of Way available.


The City is currently forming a group of project ambassadors. Project Ambassadors are expected to receive direct communication from City staff, to help distribute the information to the community, to participate the survey and to attend workshops. If you are interested in becoming a project ambassador, please contact Brianne Ross. The City will reach out citywide to residents, businesses, property owners and tenants to fill out a survey in the second quarter of 2018. The City will also host business-oriented and residents-oriented workshops this summer.

Please consider becoming a Project Ambassador to help distribute information to the community; encourage your network to participate in an online survey; and to attend workshops. For more information about the project, go to

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