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City Council Approves Preservation Plan

There seems to be a new found sense of urgency and a can-do energy at city hall. The City Council approved the 11 million dollar purchase of the Bergsma Property for the preservation of the forested hillside above Talus. The city brought multiple partners to the table, researching grants that, if acquired, will lower our net expense to approximately 3.8 million dollars.

Our hope is that moving forward, the Council turns this same energy and enthusiasm towards other unmet needs in our community that have been on the books for years. Needs such as:

• The intersection at Providence Point • Streetscaping on Front Street • The replacement of street lights that no longer meet code and pollute the night sky • Improvements on Gilman • And others

It is a great time in our city and as we celebrate the recent accomplishment, we also look forward to more successes. The Chamber looks to the City of Issaquah to ensure a good balance of investment in our core infrastructure needs, particularly those that are vital to a healthy, vibrant economy.

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