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Announcing Salmon-opoly!

In Celebration of the 50th Annual Salmon Days - Chamber Announces First and Only Salmon-opoly!

Not be recreated for at least another 25 – 50 years! The Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce has decided to commemorate the 50th Annual Salmon Days with a family friendly board game.

5000 commemorative games are being created in time for Salmon Days. The game will feature Salmon Days art, Salmon Days related Community Chest topics, and businesses that have long enjoyed and supported Salmon Days.

If you are a downtown business, a member of the Chamber, a 2019 Salmon Days Sponsor, or a business that just loves Salmon Days you can be a part of history by purchasing your “real estate” on the board.

Support Salmon Days and promote your business by RESERVING YOUR SPACE TODAY! Simply mark the space you would like to purchase on the map and submit it to: We will take care of you from there. It is easy and fun!

The 500 games are sure to sell (Issaquah-opoly did when it was created almost five years ago). Your business will live on for generations, not only here in our community but on the exciting and unique game board. What better way to celebrate the largest two day festival in the state that caters to families than to become a part of living history?

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