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Keeping Washington Beautiful


During our community coffees, many constituents asked about conservation and the environment. Last email update we spoke about some of the steps the legislature took to protect orcas, salmon, and to move our state toward a cleaner energy future.

The legislature also took action on stormwater, paint, and toxic pollution, and passed standards for appliance efficiency to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as electricity and water use.

Investing in conservation and cleaning up pollution

In addition to the bold legislation passed last session, the legislature also invested in clean water and conservation through the state’s Capital Budget. Much of our state’s conservation and cleanup efforts come from projects funded in this important budget. These investments include fish and wildlife habitat recovery and improvements, improvements to our state parks and forests, and wildfire prevention and mitigation.

Last session we passed a Capital Budget that included:

•$585 million for orca, salmon recovery and water quality projects •$85 million for the Washington Wildlife and Recreation program •$50 million for projects at state parks •$16 million for forest health and wildfire prevention

While the Capital Budget funds statewide conservation priorities, those projects are inherently local. The 5th district saw specific investments in conservation projects, parks, and water quality improvements. Those investments include:

•$2.6 million for maintenance at Mount Si Natural Resources Conservation Area. •Nearly $2.6 million for removal of fish barriers in the district. •$400,000 for a pilot project to clean up certain chemicals used in firefighting (PFAS) that have seeped into the aquifer. •$250,000 to strengthen the South Fork Snoqualmie Levee System, to reduce flooding in North Bend. •$200,000 for parking improvements at Lake Wilderness Park. •$113,000 for updates to the interactive educational exhibits at the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery.

You can find out more about Capital Budget investments at

We live in a wonderful state. Last session the legislature acted to reduce pollution, strengthen conservation efforts, and make our energy use more efficient. Both of us are proud to have voted for legislation to help keep Washington beautiful. Thanks again,

Rep. Bill Ramos & Rep. Lisa Callan

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