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Chamber Board Votes to Oppose Initiative 976

Friday morning the Greater Issaquah Chamber Board of Directors voted unanimously to oppose Initiative 976 and we urge our members, local businesses, and residents to do the same. Initiative 976 targets transportation projects funded in part by our car tab fees.

The idea of an affordable standard tab fee sounds great, however in reality I-976 jeopardizes transportation projects already in the works and would eliminate future projects.

Transportation continues to be one of the major challenges of the region. Minimizing and reducing revenue that funds state and local transportation projects would be a giant step backwards. It is essential that we continue to invest in local, regional, and state-wide solutions to our transportation crisis.

The Chamber joins; Senator Mark Mullet, Representatives Lisa Callan and Bill Ramos and the City of Issaquah along with many others opposing Tim Eyman’s initiative 976.

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