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Roundtable Reveals Common Challenges

The Chamber recently hosted a Roundtable Luncheon with top executives from the education sector. Public K-12, colleges, private education institutes and student resource businesses were in attendance.

Participants shared their insights and the challenges they face as they look to fulfill their mission to educate and ready our next generation for the workforce. Traffic, affordable housing and expansion are top of mind. These issues directly affect their ability to hire and retain talent and serve the region. Past Roundtables with other industry leaders have highlighted the same challenges. These are common across all sectors as our region grows. During the lunch attendees discussed ways to solve these challenges and look to the Chamber to continue to advocate for solutions. The Chamber’s Roundtable is an industry-specific forum for business leaders to freely exchange insights, discuss challenges facing their businesses and explore solutions; providing the Chamber with the information we need to continue to be the catalyst for business growth. For more information please contact us.

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