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#LeapofKindnessDay - What Will You Do With an Extra Day?

What will you do with the extra day we all get this Leap Year, on Saturday, February 29, 2020?

The idea - - take part in Leap of Kindness Day and do something kind for a local non-profit.

To help you participate, we reached out to local nonprofits in the area and asked them for some ideas. While you can wait to deliver any items you might donate, we encourage everyone to start collection activities within your workplace or organization as soon as possible to maximize your participation and community impact. NON-PROFITS: Let us know what you need and we will share those needs out in the community. BUSINESSES: Let us know what you will be doing to support a non-profit and we will share your good will. Use the #LeapofKindnessDay hashtag to help spread the word. We are also inviting our members and other local organizations to share with us their own creative ideas for participating in Leap of Kindness Day this year.


Everyone 4 Veterans would greatly appreciate volunteers to help make calls (1 hour/week) to dental offices and let them know about helping veterans so they can get the care they need. Easy training will be provided.

Issaquah History Museums is asking for just 4 hours of your time a month to help us keep the museums open to the public.

  • A New Refrigerator for the Greenroom. Size: 30-W, 32-D, 63-H; but could go slightly larger

  • Two small Refrigerators (preferably black or stainless) for our concessions stands. Size: 19-W, 18-D, 32-H

  • Buffer Chaffing Set (2 -4), chaffing set for serving food at Village Theatre events

  • Stainless Steel ice buckets for serving beverages at Village Theatre events

  • A full size cargo van to haul our costumes, set, and props (contact for info)

The Downtown Issaquah Association is asking for people to choose Olde Town for their restaurant and shopping needs for their next outing. Supporting a local store directly impacts the community and your neighbors. Take the extra effort and shop local!

Eastridge Church would like help with the following:

  • Goldfish Crackers, Individual packs

  • Towels

  • Women's Coats

Tavon Learning Center could use gas cards for their vans. The vans make it possible for their members to participate in community activities. They could also use a gas grill as they BBQ lunches quite often in the summer.

Issaquah Salmon Hatchery would like help with the following:

  • Small sound system with a microphone and speakers. It would be very helpful an allow all folks to hear in the Watershed Science Center.

  • Bistro tables 2 - 4

  • Book/display shelves 2 - 4, for our FISHop merchandise

Eastside Baby Corner has said that they need:

  • Books, especially for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

  • Shoes for kids. Size range: 12 Youth to 6 Youth

Old Friends Club needs volunteers who can either join us for a day, once a week, or schedule time to share their music, a project, or other talent or interest.

Athletes for Kids Youth Mentoring is in need of the following:

  • Gift cards to Office Depot so they can buy office supplies, in particular ink for the printers

  • Gift cards to Costco to be used for mentor trainings - food/drink for the new mentors coming into the program

AtWork is in need of seven square readers with Apple Pay and Chip Reader Cards.


Aegis Living is happy to be a drop location for donations if you cannot make a drop-off directly on February 29th.

Strategies will be donating towels & women's coats to Eastridge Church

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