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A Vital Message from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

From the desk of Kathy McCorry, CEO:

I had the privilege to meet Suzanne Clark, CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at a conference in Arizona this past February. It was there that she delivered a very compelling message. In response to my enthusiastic request to allow me to amplify her message, Suzanne Clark created a video for all Chambers to share with our business communities.

Her message is a reminder of another reason why Chambers of Commerce exist and how important it is for all businesses, regardless of size, to support your local Chamber. It is our job to bring more volume to voice.

Business owners, managers, and CEOs are busy, and we understand that. It only takes a minute to share your political concerns and accolades. All it takes is a small investment in our organization to ensure your voice will be heard. Together we can “get loud”.

Please take a moment to listen to this short but extremely vital message from the CEO of the US Chamber, Suzanne Clark.


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