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Get to Know Your 8th District Representative: Congresswoman Kim Schrier

My husband ignited a passion for salmon and their upstream journey when we first met, 25 years ago. We are both delighted to have the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery right here in our own backyard. Each of us supports salmon and salmon habitats in our own way: David is on the FISH Board, and I have been working in Congress to support funding for habitat enhancement and restoration, water conservation, and even in-depth studies of the impacts hydroelectric dams have on declining salmon populations.

Salmon play a critical role in Washington State’s ecosystem, and I will continue to work to protect our salmon and all of the species that depend on a healthy salmon population. In my first two years in Congress, I have introduced two bills to ensure that salmon can thrive:

  • Ensuring that salmon and steelhead receive equal consideration in federal infrastructure projects to restore aquatic ecosystem restoration (more information here)

  • Reauthorizing funding for the Legacy Roads and Trails Remediation program, which provides funding to the Forest Service to address failing infrastructure that is causing adverse impacts top degraded water resources, drinking water, and fish and wildlife habitat (more information here)

The Issaquah Salmon Hatchery supports our salmon population, and these bills will ensure that once those hatchery fish are released, they have safe habitats to live, migrate, and spawn.

Congresswoman Kim Schrier represents Washington’s 8th District, including Issaquah.


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