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Greater Issaquah Chamber Endorses Mark Mullet

After interviewing both State Senator Mark Mullet and Candidate Ingrid Anderson, The Greater Issaquah Chamber has chosen to endorse incumbent Mark Mullet for the 5th Legislative District Senate seat.

In these uncertain times and with many challenges to the business sector ahead, the Greater Issaquah Chamber believes that now more than ever we need sound business voices at the helm. Recovery is going to be difficult for many of us. Tough decisions will need to be made regarding spending and balancing our state budget. Washington needs elected officials to do the right thing for Washingtonians regardless of their political affiliations. As a long- time eastside resident and the father of six, Mark understands the reasons we all chose to live here. This region’s quality of life is dear to all of us and needs to be protected. Health care, transportation, state of the art infrastructure, excellent schools, preservation of our fields, mountains and streams, and a strong economy are the reasons we call Issaquah home. Mark understands this and he has shown his unwavering willingness to place our needs above all else.

State Senator Mullet has a proven track record of supporting business and standing up for his constituents. He has a strong fiscal background which is needed now more than ever. He has consistently opposed capital gains and income taxes. He has fought to bring more dollars and projects to the eastside for schools, roads and health care. He’s stuck to his principles in the face of partisan pressure and continues to do so during his reelection campaign.

For these reasons and many more the Greater Issaquah Chamber is endorsing Mark Mullet for reelection to the 5th Legislative District Senate.

The Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce is a non-partisan 501 C-6 dedicated to supporting the business community of the greater Issaquah region. We reserve the right to endorse when we feel our businesses have a strong interest in the outcome, whether it be for a candidate or ballot measure. We do not financially contribute to any candidate, party or affiliation.


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