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Greater Issaquah Chamber Instrumental in Moving Energize Eastside Program Forward

Greetings - Happy May and Happy Monday!

I am THRILLED to report that late last week, the Newcastle Hearing Examiner ruled in our favor of approving the conditional use permit for the Energize Eastside project! It took a LONG time to get here – but we did it!!

As part of his ruling, the Newcastle Hearing Examiner stated the following:

  • The evidence presented by the Project opponents' expert witnesses was flawed, inaccurate, and not credible.

  • No credible evidence was presented refuting the operational need for the Project.

  • Opponents did not present credible expert testimony to rebut the evidence in the record regarding the Project's compliance with safety standards.

This is an incredible moment for the Energize Eastside project – and we could not have gotten here without the support of the Greater Issaquah Chamber and other organizations like you that have been vocal in your support of the project. THANK YOU for participating/being a part of this effort!

We won’t know about an appeal from the opposition for about two weeks; that said this is a very strong ruling.

As an FYI: construction is just about complete in the Renton segment and is well underway in the South Bellevue segment – so PSE is making great progress on getting this constructed as quickly as possible.

Mostly, thank you again for your help. Energize Eastside is such a critical infrastructure project – and now we have permits for the entire south half!


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