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Issaquah Youth Advisory Board Leads by Example and Pays it Forward

As part of the Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce’s commitment to the community of Issaquah, the Chamber voted last year to give proceeds from the 2020 Salmon Open Golf Tournament to 18 different Issaquah-based service organizations. One of those non-profits was the Issaquah Youth Advisory Board (IYAB).

The City of Issaquah believes that youth are not only future leaders of tomorrow, but also active civic contributors of today. The board exists to create and encourage both youth leadership and service opportunities to develop leadership skills, highlight youth ideas and opinions, and unite the students of the Issaquah School District.

The IYAB received their donation from our Golf Tournament and the story should have ended there. However, we just found out that their board decided and voted to give the donation we gave them to the Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank and the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

Coming off the year 2020, there isn’t any person or organization that has not been affected by Covid-19. None, more so, than our non-profits who are on the front line of getting everyone through this pandemic crisis. So, it was surprising but extremely thoughtful of them to forward the monies over to even more needy organizations who are desperately trying to keep up and serve our Issaquah community. This is a prime example of how to lead by example and pay it forward. No gesture is too small and sometimes, the impact you make reaches heights you never imagined.

Join us in applauding IYAB because it’s always good to hear when others do something quietly and totally unexpected and help however they can. You have to love our wonderful city of Issaquah…

To get more information about the Issaquah Youth Advisory Board or to get involved, go to:


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