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8:00 am        Check In and Networking

8:30 am        Morning Speaker

Have your phones charged and ready for this action-packed interactive presentation.  Our morning speaker will walk you through the steps of video marketing.

9:30 am        Break

9:45 am        Break Out Session I

Business Culture/Customer Experience

Engage with Customer Experience gurus and improve your bottom line.  This session will cover CX initiatives that will ignite your customers personal and digital experiences, boost revenue and increase loyalty.

Stories from Successful Entrepreneurs (Sponsored by Eastside Emerging Leaders)

Do you follow the business plan or are there times that you must chart a new course? How do you run your business and set an example of leadership for employees? What are the pros and cons to bootstrapping your startup? Join this diverse group of entrepreneurs as they answer these questions and share their stories of lessons learned.

10:30 am      Break

10:45 am      Break Out Session II


A panel of business professionals will lead a discussion on developing your signature style. Discuss how to hone your professional development, mentorship, and community engagement. Walk away with new found energy to pursue your own personal path to success.

Employee Retention Strategies in a Gig Economy

Okay, you are always hiring. This session will address strategies beyond salary and benefits to retain your staff. From culture and values to community engagement and growth opportunities, identify the winning formula for your business.

11:30 am      Break

Noon             Keynote Speaker

What can we expect in Q3 and Q4? In 2021, will business still be booming? Find out where our region’s economic performance, trends and forecast will take us.

1:00 pm        Closing Remarks

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