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Chefchaouen, Morocco

Issaquah's Sister City

The objective of the Sister Cities Commission is to increase the knowledge, goodwill, and understanding of the world through people-to-people diplomacy, education, cultural exchanges, economic exchanges, and humanitarian assistance.

The city of Issaquah and Salmon Days Festival are happy to continue our relationship with our sister city, Chefchaouen, Morocco.

Visitors to Morocco remember the mountains and desert, the bright colors and intricate designs and details. Through our Sister City, Chefchaouen, Issaquah has developed rich relationships and learned a great appreciation for their culture. The two communities have exchanged students, artists and governmental representatives for over a decade.

You may have seen the ‘Blue Door’ outside Issaquah’s City Hall. It is a gift of friendship, a symbol of, and testament to the deep relationship with Chefchaouen. And throughout Chefchaouen, in return there is a ‘fishy’ presences around their city hall, offices and homes.

Background image from cat_collector on flickr

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photo from OHamama

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