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Pelage Spa & Skin Care Centre

At Pelage Spa & Skin Centre the consumer can enjoy a proven customized skin care program designed for their skin. We obtain the highest quality skin care products (that are only available through physicians). Incorporated with the ancient healing arts that are known world wide for their therapeutic and spiritual benefits.

A message from Pelage Spa & Skin Care Centre:

'We are excited to get our retail area ready for the holiday! We will be featuring all new unique gift and personal care items that are exclusive to us, our goal is to have them all out for the Salmon Days Festival. We have a monthly special that has been going really well, for the first time, we are letting our customers make their own treatment package! When they choose 4 or more services they'll receive 25% off all the services! This has been a great year for us so far, helping so many people feel good about how they look. Did you know that we do a fair amount of philanthropic work as well? We recently helped a client with a clef pallet by using fillers to bring her lip out and masking the scars, there were many tears in the building after that treatment. She looked in the mirror and said it was the first time she ever felt beautiful. We also did a laser treatment that helped a woman with debilitation burn scars on her arm. The scars were so tight that she couldn’t straighten her arm. Minutes after the laser treatment she was able to straighten her arm, which was something she was not able to do for 13 years (also tears in the room) These are an example of a few of the services that I am proud and honored to get to be a part of.' - JoAnn Gerri, Founder/Clinical Director Pelage Medi Spa

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