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Interlake Window Cleaning

Interlake Window Cleaning is the most recognized and respected window cleaning company in the Puget Sound region. Our customers are our partners and friends. We treat them as we would those we respect the most. Honesty, integrity and commitment allow us no excuses, but enable us to find the opportunity in every situation. We are professionals in thought, word, deed and appearance.

Every day where we live, you can depend on 3 things. 1. The sky is blue. 2. If not, it’s raining. 3. Rain or shine, Interlake is as good as our work.

For over 25 years, we’ve scheduled ahead and showed up as promised to clear, clean and handle roofs, gutters, skylights and light fixtures--and to clean every kind of glass, including mirrors, showers and literally millions of windows. So whether you manage your own home or hundreds of properties, count on Interlake--Your Windows' Best Friend!

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