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Share Your Vision for Our Issaquah Community

Issaquah is a vibrant, growing community that is simultaneously experiencing tremendous opportunities and tough challenges. In the past few years, opportunities for jobs, entertainment, recreation and services have become more apparent, as have issues of access, affordability, mobility and stewardship. To better address these and other challenges and opportunities, the City is embarking on an effort to form a Citywide Strategic Plan, which will affect every facet and corner of our community. This plan will help focus and guide our efforts and shape our future built upon our community’s vision and values. The City has named this plan Our Issaquah. Learn more about Our Issaquah and sign up for updates at Share Your Vision for Our Issaquah One major goal of Our Issaquah is to reach as many residents, businesses and community members as possible, so we can better identify our voice, our vision and our future. We can’t do it without you! The first opportunity for you to share your thoughts and vision for our City is available now. Take the survey at

Check out this video launching the Our Issaquah campaign as well.

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