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Greater Issaquah Chamber Appreciates Community Support For Down Home 4th of July Heritage Day Celeb

Issaquah and regional residents celebrated in down home spirit at the July 4th Heritage Day Celebration event organized by the Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce. Over 300 star spangled kids and pets joined Mayor Pauly in the annual parade down Front Street.

Joyce Adams, with over 20 years’ experience in organizing this event said, “The best part is seeing all the kids and pets decorated in the parade, catching candy and having so much fun!”

Highlights included old fashioned games at Veterans’ Memorial Field with kids and families of all ages playing, bouncing, spinning hula hoops and yes, racing slugs! The Issaquah History museum hosted activities from days long past at the Issaquah Depot Museum. Volunteers showed over 400 kids and parents how to churn butter, use a washboard and wringer to wash clothes, operate a pump car up and down the track and a Coast Salish Native American craft. Erica Maniez, Executive Director of the Issaquah History Museums, shared "Heritage Day is a great opportunity for kids and their parents to try out activities from Issaquah's past. It's our favorite children's event of the year!"

Community business partners joined the celebration with vendor booths and activities. John Mabbott, General Manager of The Grange commented “Absolutely top notch, high energy event! Families from all over were in attendance. Having the kids from School of Rock made it perfect!”

Kathy McCorry, Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce CEO, shares “The Greater Issaquah Chamber is proud to host the 4th of July Heritage Days for the community. Many thanks to our partners and sponsors. Your help and support is essential to the success of this event. And our thanks to all the wonderful families and friends that came out and enjoyed the day with us.”

Special thanks to School of Rock for providing music, Issaquah Rotary for running the parade registration and The City of Issaquah for supporting the event. Kudos to King 5 News for airing a video capturing the spirit of the day:


The mission of The Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce is to be the catalyst for business growth, the convener of leaders and influencers, and the champion for the business community.

Thank you to our Sponsors: Rotary Club of Issaquah, City of Issaquah, C2 Education, Virginia Mason, The Grange

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