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Amplify Your Leadership in Issaquah with Leadership Eastside

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the purpose of LE Issaquah Foundations of Civic Leadership (FCL)?

Leadership Eastside is partnering with the Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce and the City of Issaquah to prepare Issaquah residents to take on larger civic responsibilities - including participation on Chamber committees, community boards, and city committees/commissions.

Who is eligible to participate in LE Issaquah FCL?

Anyone who lives or works in Issaquah or is a member of the Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce may participate. No specific academic or leadership experience is required.

Who will benefit from LE Issaquah FCL?

People who:

  • Are considering entering civic life.

  • Want to network and connect with local city officials and business leaders.

  • Want to understand how local government works and how to participate in ways the make a real difference.

  • Want to implement a set of values-based leadership skills that apply when engaging teams, committees, companies, families, and the broader community.

What’s the difference between this program and LE’s 2-year program?

LE Issaquah FCL is not a condensed version of LE’s 2-yr regional leadership development program. Instead, this program dives deep into the specific history, issues, relationships, and future of Issaquah. And rather than the graduate-school level rigor required for LE’s university-certified, Adaptive Leadership competencies, FCL focuses on foundational civic leadership skills that grow out of LE’s Core Believe and Values.

For people early in their leadership experience and/or who want to focus their learning and relationships in their local community, FCL is developed and delivered in partnership with local business leadership and city government, is organized around city-level issues, and build the foundational skills necessary for leading a community for the greater good.

What community topics will be covered?

LE Issaquah FCL 2018-2019 is scheduled to cover the following Issaquah-specific issues selected by the greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce:

  • Life Balance (Health and Wellness)

  • History and Heritage

  • Impacts of Regional Issues on the local community

  • Transportation

  • Intergenerational Leadership

  • Engaging People with Cultural Differences

  • Economic Vitality

  • Serving on Boards/Commissions and Giving Back

When and where do the sessions meet?

LE Issaquah FCL 2018-2019 is scheduled to meet 9:00am-4:30pm on first Fridays each month from November 2, 2018 to June 7, 2019.

The sessions are scheduled to meet at Swedish Issaquah Campus (subject to change). Brief reading and team-based learning exercises are required in addition to in-class time (no more than 2-hours per month).

What is the class size?

Classes are designed to be between 20 and 30 participants to maximize relationships and learning.

Who teaches the classes?

Members of Leadership Eastside’s trained faculty will facilitate each session. They will be joined by local business leaders and city officials in an integrated learning approach.

What is the cost to participate?

$3,000 ($2,500 for members of greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce). Limited scholarships are available. Please inquire at

How do I sign up?

Click here to register.

How can I download the brochure?

Click here to download.

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