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Startup 425 Foundations Workshops - Spring 2019

Have a great idea for a product or business? Not sure how to get started?

Join Startup 425 and seasoned mentors for a series of workshops focused on bringing your idea to reality, from crafting a financing and marketing strategy to developing a business plan.

This spring, Startup 425 Foundations will be held in all five Eastside communities. Take a look at upcoming workshop sessions, locations, and dates below. Workshops start in March in Redmond and continue through early June in Bellevue. You can register for one or more workshops in any of the locations; there is no need to restrict yourself to your “home library.”

If you select multiple workshops you can take them in whatever order you choose. You are not required to register for each workshop in the entire series. Create a training schedule that best fits your topics of interest and availability.

Register online at

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