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Nominations for the 2022-2023 Chamber Board of Directors

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Dear Chamber Partner,

Listed below are the incoming Board Member Nominees recommended and approved by the Board of Directors on February 18th, 2022. Hereby presented to membership in accordance with the Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce Bylaws.

Please note that nominations are the first part of the electoral process. Please read Article IV, Section 4 of the bylaws carefully (included) to fully understand the process.

Board Members with expiring terms: Tori Gaines: Finished second term and will be stepping down Alan Finkelstein: Finished first term and will be running for a second term

Nathan Bosseler: Finished first term and will be running for a second term

Robert Quesnel: Finished first term and will be running for a second term

Hernan Rubio: Retired Recommendations for Board Position April 1, 2021 – March 31st, 2024 Alan Finkelstein, McDonalds Second term Nathan Bosseler, CASTUS Second term

Robert Quesnel, American Family Insurance Second term

Ashwin Muthuvenkataraman, Team Logic IT First term

BYLAWS Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce Bylaws Revised April 20, 2018 These bylaws shall replace any previous bylaws and by approving these bylaws, the Board repeals any prior bylaws for the Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce. Article IV - Board of Directors Section 4: Selection and Election of Directors. At least sixty (60) days prior to the scheduled election for Directors, the Board Chairperson shall appoint, subject to confirmation by the Board, a Nominating Committee consisting of three (3) current Directors and two (2) other Members and shall designate the chairperson of the Nominating Committee. No later than twenty (20) days before the election of Directors, the Nominating Committee shall present to the ED a slate of up to six (6) candidates to serve three (3) year terms to replace the Directors whose regular terms are expiring. Each candidate must be a Member in good standing and must have agreed to accept the responsibility of a directorship. Upon receipt of the slate of candidates from the Nominating Committee, the ED shall promptly notify Members by first class mail (or by electronic transmittal if so elected by a Member) of the names of persons nominated as candidates for Directors and the right of Members to nominate additional candidates by petition.

Additional candidates for Directors may be nominated by petition bearing the genuine signatures of at least ten (10) separate Members in good standing as of the due date for petitions (no person, association, corporation, partnership, or estate being represented by more than one signature). Any such petition shall be filed with the Nominating Committee within ten (10) days after the distribution date of notice of persons nominated. The determination of the Nominating Committee as to the timeliness and legality of the petition(s) shall be final. The Nominating Committee shall promptly present to the ED the names of any candidates properly nominated by petition. If no petition is filed within the designated period, the nominating shall be closed, and the nominated slate of candidates shall be presented by the ED to the Board at its regular February or March Board meeting and shall be declared elected by the Board at the meeting. In the event one or more candidates are properly nominated by petition (as determined by the Nominating Committee), the names of all candidates nominated and petitioned shall be presented by the ED to the Board at its regular February Board meeting. The Board shall elect, by majority vote of the Board,up to six (6) Directors from the list of candidates presented by the ED. In the event fewer than six (6) Directors are elected by a majority vote of the Board, those Directors receiving a majority of votes shall be declared elected, and the Board shall again vote to elect the required number of Directors from the remaining unelected candidates. Such voting shall continue until a total of up to six (6) Directors have been declared elected. The ED shall cause notice of the names of Members elected to be Directors to be promptly published to the Members. The names of Members elected to be Directors shall be announced at the next Annual Meeting of Members.

For your convenience, the following is the list of the Board of Directors that are currently serving on the board and whose terms continue into our fiscal 2022-2023 year:

Gloria Chien VIS Designs Debbie Marlow Marlow's Fine Jewelry Megan Adam Village Theatre

Wright Noel, Chair of the Board Carson & Noel

NathanBosseler, Chair Elect CASTUS Corporation Srini Anandakumar HomeStreet Bank Stanford Le Snoqualmie Casino Gov. Gary Locke Bellevue College Janet Kelly Puget Sound Energy Kristi Tripple Rowley Properties After the election process is complete the following actions shall take place and the membership shall be notified of the new slate of officers. Bylaws - Article V - Officers Section 1: Determination of Officers. Within ten (10) days after the annual election of the new Directors, the Nominating Committee for Directors shall nominate a slate of Officers for the next year. Officers to be nominated are a Board Chairperson (the “Chairperson”), a Chairperson-Elect, a Vice Chairperson, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. Within thirty (30) days thereafter, the new, continuing, and outgoing Directors shall meet and elect the above Officers. All Officers must be Directors during the term of office to which elected (see Article IV Section 6). Officers shall serve for a term of one (1) year commencing April 1st and ending March 31st.

If you have any questions regarding the nomination and election process of the board of directors, please contact: CEO, Kathy McCorry at 425-392-7024 or


The Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce


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