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Protection & Preservation: Get to Know Your 8th District Representative - Congresswoman Kim Schrier

In January of 2020, Issaquah and communities around Western Washington experienced severe flooding and landslides that disrupted schools, displaced families, and closed major roads. When I visited Hobart Road, I was shocked to see water flowing over roads and up to people’s homes. As we continue to confront climate change, we need to holistically consider our approaches to wilderness and public lands. Preservation of our public lands is just one tool at our disposal to help mitigate the impacts of flooding. We need to let nature do what nature does best: soak up water and prevent land from moving and turning into a landslide or mudslide during a flooding event.

My amendment to the Protecting Wilderness Act, which passed the House earlier this year, will require the Government Accountability Office to study how preserving wilderness can impact flood risk in suburban areas. I look forward to seeing this bill move through the Senate.


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