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Ideas and Best Practices for Reopening

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Social Distancing

  • Use the social distancing formula below,

  • Limit entry through one door.

  • Use signage to direct flow.

  • Limit access to public restrooms.

  • Mark floors where lines may form to show 6 feet distancing.

  • Have staff at the entrance to manage the number that may enter your business.

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Personal Protection Equipment

  • Be trained on how to properly use/re-use PPE.

  • Place hand sanitizer by doors, restrooms, cash registers.

  • PPE products are in high demand - order your supplies now.

  • Establish a regular schedule for wiping down surfaces and cleaning restrooms.

  • Install plexiglass at registers.

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Educate Your Customer

  • Post all efforts you are taking to ensure customer and staff safety.

  • Use signage at entrance to explain guidelines for entering your establishment.

  • Use your website, social media, and staff to inform your customers of the new norm for conducting business

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Customer Experience

  • Keep the customer experience in mind.

  • Let customers keep your logoed pen after they sign their receipt.

  • Provide paper menus and have a special message or coupon printed on it.

  • Create two separate lines for online and in-person orders.

  • Continue to offer delivery or curbside pickup for the most vulnerable.

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Business Social Distancing Formula

Provide 6 square feet per person to allow for social distancing:

  • Determine total square footage.

  • Deduct all back room areas from the equation.

  • Deduct space for displays, check out registers, etc.

  • Example: 2,000 foot space but 500 is storage, break room, offices, etc. Customer space is 1500 ft.

  • 6 square feet per person in 36 ft.

  • 1,500 ft divided by 36 = 41.67 maximum capacity, including staff.

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Communicate Health & Safety Requirements

Keep everyone in the workplace informed with prominently displayed health and safety information. Office supply stores can help print official hygiene & prevention posters from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Create Protective Barriers

Disposable gloves are a low cost, easy to replace resource for protecting your staff and family. Give your business a protective barrier to help prevent cross contamination and protect you from unknown hazards.

Breathe Easy

Clean air is essential. Ensure air pollutants that could cause respiratory problems for you and your staff are being reduced. Air purifiers can be beneficial in both commercial and residential buildings.

Track Body Temperature

Using a non-contact thermometer is a safe alternative to personal thermometers. These highly accurate tools measure a person or object's temperature at a safe distance.

Promote Good Hygiene

Encourage staff to sanitize their hands in high traffic areas with portable hand sanitizers. These free-standing, touch free dispensers are the ideal solution to public work areas where you want a convenient solution.

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