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'18 Festival Map

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Booth Set-up

  • We have marked the outline of your booth and written the number on the ground. If you are lost anyone with a volunteer t-shirt will be able to help you.

  • If you secured your booth through us, it will be set up for you.

  • Tables, chairs, etc. (if ordered) will be found in your booth.

  • If we are hanging your banner, don't worry if it's not hung by the time you arrive. We have it and will work our way to you.

  • Please drop off your supplies at your booth and then go park your car, this helps us alleviate traffic.

  • The best way to get to the W. Sunset area is to take exit 18, veer to the right and follow it down onto E Sunset where you'll run directly into the Front & Sunset intersection.

  • If additional cars require a vehicle access pass, let us know via email. It is not a parking pass, just to get past the roadblocks during set up.


  • Parking can be found on the surface streets and neighborhoods surrounding the festival provided they aren't marked. If your staff needs to take a shuttle, FREE shuttle passes provided by Overlake Medical Center will be distributed. Payment is only collected on the return trip, so there will be no out of pocket expense. Shuttle pick up locations can be found here.

  • If you have been given a parking pass for a colored zone, make sure you fill it out completely. Vehicles without passes WILL BE TOWED.

Tear Down

  • The festival ends at 6pm on Sunday. Please do not tear down your booth before then, it starts a domino effect. You may want to completely tear your booth down prior to getting your vehicle. The police will open the road as soon as the crowds have dispersed enough to do so safely (usually ~6:40pm) at which time you can enter the grounds with your car.

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