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Salmon Days

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Saturday, Oct. 2

Onsite Registration/ Practice – 10:00 am

Big Air WAVE # 1 – 11:00 am

Big Air WAVE # 2 -- 12:30 pm

Big Air WAVE # 3 -- 2:00 pm

Extreme Vertical (All in One) – 4:00 pm

Sunday, Oct. 3

Onsite Registration/ Practice- 10:00 am
Big Air WAVE #4—11:00 am
Big Air WAVE #5—1:00 pm
Speed Retrieve (All in one Finals) – 3:00 pm
Big Air Finals – 4:30 pm
(Pro, Semi Pro, Contender & Amateur Finals)


Streaming Live Lounge


Saturday, Oct. 2

10:00 AM - Sophia Ojeda (singer/songwriter)
10:25 AM - Tiztoc  (ambient electronica)
11:00 AM - The Best of LOUDHOUSE (local music school)
11:50 AM - Evolving Backwards (teen rock band)
12:30 PM - Gorilla Warfare (teen/tween rock band)
1:15 PM - Cygnus (classic and hard rock)
2:30 PM - Prizm (eclectic teen rock band)
3:20 PM - Error 404 (Kaleidoscope All Star Alumni band)
4:20 PM - Game of Tones (adult student rock band)
5:20 PM - The Poachers (local pop/rock group)
5:40 PM - Insert Name Here (Salmon Days debut of Kaleidoscope's youngest band!)

Sunday, Oct. 3

10:00 AM - TIMELAPSE (Salmon Days debut of Kaleidoscope tween/teen rock band)
10:25 PM - Expectation (teen rock band)
11:00 AM - Prizm (eclectic teen rock band)
11:40 AM - Cygnus (classic and hard rock)
12:20 AM - No Caution (adult student rock band)
1:00 PM - Midnight Rain (adult student rock band)
1:45 PM - Error 404 (Kaleidoscope All Star Alumni band)
2:20 PM - Random Panic (adult student rock band)
3:00 PM - Dextrose Dissent (teen rock band)
3:45 PM - In Case of Emergency (teen rock band)
4:20 PM - Chalk Outline (teen rock band)
5:15 PM - Jam Academy Music School All Star Band (local music school)

Salmon Days Trail Logo.png

Doesn’t it feel like we’ve all been swimming upstream for the past couple of years? Imagine what it’s been like for small businesses! Now, it’s time to “Keep On Swimming” with the triumphant return of Salmon Days! Just like the salmon who return to Issaquah every year, it’s time to come back to Front Street and support your local Issaquah businesses.


The Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce and Issaquah Daily are proud to present a new way to swim through the amazing local businesses in our community.

Simply download the Salmon Days Trail App (available for
Apple & Android), register with your name and Email Address, and you’ll be presented with a series of stops where you can use your phone to check-in at each business. You may earn some gifts for each check-in and be entered in for a chance to win a grand prize!

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Due to ongoing health concerns, the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery will not be open to the general public during Salmon Days weekend.

Visitors interested in a guided tour of the hatchery can find information about making reservations HERE.

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